Can The Palinator Cure What Ails the T-GOP??

Author Topic: Can The Palinator Cure What Ails the T-GOP??  (Read 138 times)

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Can The Palinator Cure What Ails the T-GOP??
« on: November 19, 2012, 08:12:11 PM »
Story:  Palin 2016!!

Quote:   Quote:   Quote:

By focusing his campaign mostly on serious economic and political issues such as the national debt
and tax incentives, Romney failed to take into account the fact that large segments of the
electorate neither know nor care much about serious economic and political issues
What they — a group sometimes euphemistically called "uninformed voters" — do know and
care about
are the tugs on their emotions, fears, revulsions and heart strings provided by hours
and hours of uninterrupted television watching.

The Democrats understood how to reach that constituency.  When a barrage of Obama campaign
TV ads told them that the GOP wanted to take away their contraceptives or that Bain Capital
killed someone's wife, they took notice.  When Obama strolled the hurricane-stricken beaches of
New Jersey in his bomber jacket, they were snowed.  As Malor put it, Obama won on "binders,
Big Bird, birth control and blame Bush."

- end quote -   - end quote -   - end quote -

Palin can cure all that!
Just turn her loose!
She will kick Hillary's ass!

Should be a hooot!

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