Fall Rabies Clinics Sponsored by Jefferson County Public Health Service

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If you a are a dog, cat or ferret owner, or know of someone who is and is in need of a rabies vaccination for your animal(s), please consider coming to one of the clinics sponsored by JCPHS.  

These fall clinics are offered at geographic locations across Jefferson County and serve to provide both an economical and geographical easy way to get and/or maintain the rabies vaccination of your pet.  It is New York State law that all cats, dogs and ferrets over 3 months be vaccinated and maintained as current in future years.  This is not only to protect the health and welfare of your pet, but to ulitmately act as a barrier to prevent your pet from being and accidental bridge to allow rabies to enter your home and threaten your family.  There are cases annually in Jefferson County of rabies in bat, skunk, raccoon, fox and other animals that your pet may come in contact with.

These clinics are offered as a community service and are completely donation based.  A $10 per animal donation is requested to help JCPHS offset costs of the clinics such as vaccine purchase, vet time, and other associated costs.  Please do not let finances be a barrier to getting your animal vaccinated.  Whatever you are willing or able to give as a donation is always greatly appreciated by JCPHS and allows us to continue to offer this community service.  

The primary objective of these clinics is to help maintain a healthy and vaccinated domestic pet population in Jefferson County which in turn will help protect the citizens of the county.  Please come to any of the following clinics with your animal secured (cats contained, dogs on leash, etc) and if available, please bring most current rabies vaccination certificate.  

Clinics will be held:

Tuesday, August 10, Adams Village Barn

Thursday, August 12, Cape Vincent Town Barn   

Tuesday, August 17, Deferiet DPW

Thursday, August 19, Clayton Town Barn

Tuesday, August 24, Philadelphia Town Barn

Thursday, August 26, City of Watertown DPW

Thursday, September 16, Jefferson Co. Dog Control

Thursday, October 14, Jefferson Co. Dog Control

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact JCPHS M-F, 8a-4p at 786-3720.

Thank you and we hope to see you at a clinic!