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General Discussion / Re: Woolf Debate Masonic Lodge 10/21
« Last post by johnqpublic on Today at 10:47:49 PM »
Somehow that don't surprise me, CT. Annette's brother believes in single-payer, government run everything.
General Discussion / Re: Obama Appoints "Ebola Czar"
« Last post by johnqpublic on Today at 10:45:38 PM »
Obo's involved??
Then total incompetence.
Totally wrong.
Totally unAmerican.  (not the CorporateAmerican way)
... evil

Fixed that for you, CT.

And about Klain not coming to speak to Congress? No surprise there.
He doesn't even go to meetings that even Obama left the golf course for.
General Discussion / Re: Ferguson Copper Guilty of Killing Black Kid
« Last post by johnqpublic on Today at 10:36:04 PM »
C'mon, CT. It ain't looking good for your side. Facts are getting in the way of what you thought was a good story. The race-baiting rabble rousers have a real problem on their hands. Well, actually the police and citizens of Ferguson have a problem because the loons will never let this non-crisis crisis go to waste. They don't want justice; that was never their aim. They don't want truth; like the man said, they can't handle the truth. Truth for the Left in most cases is decidedly inconvenient.
General Discussion / Re: Taking On the N.R.A.
« Last post by LarryTheCableGuy on Today at 09:50:26 PM »
The author of the (George Soros funded) Daily Kos post, We Shall Overcome
   Says it all!

   The "usual suspects":

  "Dosvedanya, comerade!"
   Fifteen questions? From the Ferguson Grand Jury? NOPE! (as usual) a blog from some leftist on the Daily Kos.
   Not (repeat: not) sworn testimony before the grand jury, but pure speculation, and race baiting from some left wing blogger.
   Again (and again): The left wing loons are puking their pabulum, because the facts and evidence do not fit their agenda.
   Trial by lies, trial by speculation, trial by "he must be a racist because he's a white cop", and a public lynching before the facts and evidence are presented. We got the agenda! If we don't get our way, we will riot, burn and loot   
   Ergo: Officer Wilson (who defended his life) will not be lynched by Jackson & Sharpton's "rent-a-mob".
General Discussion / Re: Obama Appoints "Ebola Czar"
« Last post by LarryTheCableGuy on Today at 09:03:59 PM »
What could he possibly tell Congress so soon?
   You don't get it. The new "Ebola Czar" is just the latest "spear catcher" for this failed administration. He was never supposed to be "qualified", or have the answers.
   Just goes to show President Pass The Buck's abject incompetence, and his total non-qualification to be president. Appoint a political hack who has no medical experience to deal with a medical crisis.
   But hell, Hussein is also unqualified for the job, so why would he appoint anyone in his regime who has any degree of competence? It's all about "passing the buck", which Obama excels at. It's never The Messiah's fault, don't cha know?   
   Now he will be free to head for the golf course, and go to more Democrat fundraisers (that is, if any Democrat will have him).

"Beh-dee, beh-dee, it's not my fault! Blame it on my Ebola Czar, ba-dum, ba-dum!"
General Discussion / Re: Woolf Debate Masonic Lodge 10/21
« Last post by EvilJam on Today at 08:45:47 PM »

The 3rd guy wouldn't know which way was Up,... while standin' in the rain,.....

I actually agree more with third
guy Funicello than I do Woolf,
but Funicello couldn't get elected
in Venezuela.
But...  but...  but, if he drops out
and throws his support and supporters
to Woolf ??
Beltway Elise toast.
Loses by five.
The difference in the polls??
That third guy.

... evil
General Discussion / Re: State Property Tax Refund
« Last post by tree68 on Today at 08:36:00 PM »
Wonder how much it cost the State to process and mail this check?
   Probably more than the five bucks they so graciously sent you!
I got a whopping $7.00.  Almost enough to buy lunch...
General Discussion / Re: Ferguson Copper Guilty of Killing Black Kid
« Last post by EvilJam on Today at 08:32:48 PM »
   Damn those facts and evidence!

Indeed, Larry.  Indeed.

Link: Surprise!  The investigation Concluded No Wrongdoing.  Imagine That.

- end quote -   - end quote -   - end quote -


... evil
   And the beat goes on Esox.
   There are over 850 "registered voters" in New York City who are over 164 years old!
   And, down here in North Carolina, 145 illegal aliens have been discovered as "registered voters".
With the North Carolina U.S. Senate race in a dead heat, state election officials say they have discovered 145 names on the voting rolls who are ineligible to vote because they are illegal immigrants who have been granted President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals status.
   The George Soros (and Obama Stimulus Bill) funded voter fraud group ACORN is alive and well! Now can you guess why Obama has directed Eric Holder to sue every state that has tried to pass a Voter I.D. Law?

Now take your time, and look carefully. Do you see anyone in this lineup who deserves to be impeached?
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