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General Discussion / Re: Where The Jobs??
« Last post by geru on Today at 04:25:11 AM »
Jesus, CT! Don't you ever read that rotgut you incessantly CC&P?

His problem isn't that he reads it it's that he blindly  believes it.

It will not matter to him that his CC&P is proven factually wrong
Even if those facts are from the one place charged with gathering,
analyzing, and publishing those facts.

CT will ignore, obfuscate, or disparage it's what progressive liberals do.
Normally CT just ignores the facts which is what he'll probably do in this case.

General Discussion / A serious reminder
« Last post by SurvivalTechs on Today at 12:52:41 AM »
Please keep in mind everything is waking up. I've seen ants, wasps, bees and spiders. I've also pulled a tick off me today. It was about the size of a silver pinhead, so it wasn't there very long.

The best method of removal is still with a tweezer. Make sure you try to grasp it as close to the skin as possible and slowly pull it out, not yank it out. After, dab some rubbing alcohol on the area, then some antibiotic ointment.

Keep an eye on the site for 10 to 19 days. If you begin seeing a rash and an angry "bullseye", see a doctor immediately. 

Remember about two years when I posted I had a very bad, prolonged bite on my back? I was on antibiotics for over a month and it took over a year for the site to heal.

I've already had two friends fall victim to serious and lifelong cases of Lyme Disease which has caused many problems for them. I don't want any of you getting it.

Please, after working outside, check yourself or have your spouse make sure you do not have any ticks.
General Discussion / Re: Where The Jobs??
« Last post by johnqpublic on Today at 12:43:17 AM »
Jesus, CT! Don't you ever read that rotgut you incessantly CC&P?
General Discussion / Re: The Simple Truth Will Out
« Last post by johnqpublic on Today at 12:36:49 AM »
Where is the evidence, Libtards, that TeaBaggers are racist??  Where is the evidence??

Exactly. Where indeed. Where is it? In the warped minds of the leftist loons whose entire worldview is warped owing to a lack of ideas and intellectual honesty. If you hear racism from Limbaugh you're not listening to the language he's speaking. You're hearing your own wild imaginings, your dog whistles that say racism only to you. It's not what he said and not what he meant, but in your warped, cynical mind it can only be what your warped, cynical mind insists he must have said. It's like when you heard misogyny in and were shocked -- shocked! -- by his comical crack about Sandra Fluke but were doubled over in laughter at the vile attacks on Sarah Palin and her children by Bill Maher and David Letterman. Your new code words for the n-word are as silly as those you dreamed up in the last election. "Apartment" and "golf" were two that I recall. "Busing" and "welfare"? Really? Here's an inconvenient truth for you, CT: As many white kids as black kids were unnecessarily bussed to schools way away from their own neighborhoods during that early misguided attempt at social engineering. Then as now, more white people than black people collect welfare. And sorry to disturb your reverie here, but George Zimmerman is only "whitey" or a "cracker" in the warped minds of the left's media wing and the useful idiots who regurgitate it. There's no there there, CT. Where the real racism resides in this country is in the Left where it's always lived. You're as racist now as you were in the antebellum South, during Reconstruction and for a hundred years thereafter as you birthed the KKK, lynched countless innocents, murdered "agitators," turned fire hoses and police dogs on peaceful protestors and fought civil rights legislation tooth and nail. I know that's probably painful to hear, CT, and is decidedly inconvenient, but it's the truth plain and simple.
General Discussion / Re: The Simple Truth Will Out
« Last post by EvilJam on April 20, 2014, 04:52:51 PM »
Where is the evidence, Libtards, that
TeaBaggers are racist??  Where is the

George, your I'm-A-Beltway-Wonk white
privilege is showing.
The closest you get to a "person of color"
or African American is if you happen upon
"The Help" at the office.
Or, maybe happen to see one on the ride
to work.  Lord knows you don't live near

Where is the evidence??
It's everywhere.
Tune in el Rushbo and listen for 30 mins.
Any 30 mins.  Bing!
Oh, they're not quite back to the "good
ol' days" of the '50s when they could
use the N-word blatantly.
But, they're getting closer.
In the '60s they replaced N-word with
terms like "bussing."
Any time "bussing" was mentioned
everyone knew the convo was about
In the '70s it was terms like "welfare."
Everyone knew when "welfare" was
mentioned they were really talking
about N-words.
And, in the '80s and later terms like
"taxes" were used.  Everyone knew
when "taxes" was mentioned they
were really talking about N-words.
"Bussing," "welfare, "taxes."
There were and are others, but we
all knew when a TeaPub mentioned
those words they were talking about
And they mention those "code words"
early and often on Fox "News" and
the RW Media Machine.
Pound it home.
Today, though, what with Trayvon
and other cases where whitey just
blasts N-words into the hereafter
with barely a slap on the wrist -
no worries, it's just a N-word...
no harm, no foul... –
use of the N-word out in the open,
in front of God and everybody, is
making a comeback.
And, somewhere Lee Agirlparter is smiling.
The King of the Code Word is smiling.
No need to use "taxes" or "welfare," or...
just call it what it is.
"If it weren't for those damn lazy ass
N-words and Mexicanos and... and...
this would be a damn fine country!!"

They don't quite come right out and say
that yet.  But, they get closer and closer
to just coming out and saying it as cases
against crackers shooting N-words are
brushed aside as an inconvenience to the
Justice System.

The evidence is everywhere for those that
choose to see.
But, most 'Baggers brush it aside as a
Librul construct, an inconvenient truth.

... evil
General Discussion / Re: Where The Jobs??
« Last post by The Reaper on April 20, 2014, 03:47:08 PM »

More of the usual funny numbers as expected.  When making fallacious claims like this - try to make it less obvious about how disingenuous the "stats" are.  One can not claim "jobs created" without taking into account the number lost as well as one can easily cancel out the other - which is what we see here.  Obo's horrible jobs number for 2009 are all to often "overlooked" by the Left when they make these ridiculous claims.  Here is the actual data from BLS.  Note the graph which gives you an indication of the growth trend since 1980.  Once the recession ended after Reagan got into office we saw significant job creation in the subsequent years which was sustained at a higher rate than now.  All Obo has going for him is the post-stimulus "bump" from 2009-2010 which once it ended and the government jobs created ran out of money - the economy has been essentially "flat" in the outlying years to date.   :o
General Discussion / Where The Jobs??
« Last post by EvilJam on April 20, 2014, 02:51:55 PM »


Obo has "created" more jobs than
George 41 and George 43 combined.
Bubba beat Ronaldus Magnumus 22.9 - 16.1
Dems in 14 years of rule:  26.9 Million jobs
T-Pubs with 20 years of rule:  20.0 Million jobs.

All this horse$h!t that "Repubs 'create' Jobs"
is just that.

Quote   - Quote -   Quote

Or, to look at it a different way, since Reagan became president, a total of 20 million
jobs have been created in the 20 years with Republicans in the Oval Office.
Meanwhile, 26.9 million jobs have been created in the 14 years with Democrats in
office.  And here's the amazing thing: These numbers attribute 4.3 million jobs lost
during Bush's Great Recession to Obama—if you factored those out, the total job tally
would be 31 million jobs under Democrats to 16 million jobs under Republicans.

As Bill Scher pointed out, the absurdity of Rand Paul's misstatement of facts really
disproves the case Paul was trying to make
—that the Republican economic philosophy
is better for regular working people.  Paul believes the GOP needs to shed its image of
being the party of the rich, which is obviously true, but his solution for doing that is to
fall back on the same old trickle-down economic policies that make the economy so
much worse under Republican presidents
.  Republicans don't need new spin:
They need new policies.

Link:  Rand Paul and TeaPubs Full of $h!t

- end quote -   - end quote -   - end quote -

Want proof that "Trickle Down" doesn't work??
The 2007 / '08 / '09 Meltdown.
The Meltdown was the answer to Trickle Down.

Want more proof??
There hasn't been an increase in the Min. Wage
since the Bubba Admin.
If Rising Productivity raises all boats
Why the Bottom 20% not getting a raise??


Want more jobs, more prosperity?
Vote Dems!
History shows us that Dems move
the Economy, "create" more jobs
than TeaPubs.

Hell, even Obo's "pitiful performance"
has created more jobs than George 41
and son G. Dubya combined.

... evil
Home and Hardware Depot / Re: Power Broom.
« Last post by bigbore45 on April 20, 2014, 02:21:48 PM »

 You get what you pay for. And that Guy at B-ville power sports is still a prick.
General Discussion / Re: April 15 -- Tax Freedom Day
« Last post by johnqpublic on April 20, 2014, 12:56:01 PM »
Don't want to get too deep in the weeds with this, Bondo, but the cited definition includes this: ...The calculation includes all taxes incurred, including income tax, federal tax, state tax, medicare and excise taxes.... As for excise taxes? There can never really be a day you're free of those since they usually get paid by the manufacturer or the retailer then get passed on to us in the price of whatever and the circle is unbroken, the road goes on forever and the party never ends. Using that metric, tax freedom day is always someday and, to borrow a phrase from John Fogerty: "I'm here to tell you now each and every mother's son, you better learn it fast, you better learn it young, 'cause someday never comes."
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