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Things have certainly changed.

While I might agree that too many "prepared" foods are served, the solution doesn't look all that appetizing:

Assuming that the photos are accurate, that's pretty sad.

Back in the day, when school lunches were actually prepared on-site, we didn't seem to have these problems.  Home-style turkey dinners with all the fixings around the holidays were pretty cool.
Meh, it's merely right wing propaganda.

After all, I'm sure the Mooch has conferred with "doctors" to come up with her own particular brand of lunacy..and we all know how smart doctors are, don't we, Larry?  *snort, chuckle*..
General Discussion / Re: Sickness walking in?
« Last post by LarryTheCableGuy on Today at 07:55:24 PM »
   Mein Gott vreit, Mein freund Das Big Bore! Didn't we hear that the Obama Regime was going to relocate some of these illegal alien kids in Syracuse? And didn't we hear that Syracuse's Dem Lib mayor welcomed that?
   And now we have an outbreak of this virus in Syracuse? Golly Gee, could this be purely a coincidence

                          "Send 'em here, Obo!"
   And on a lighter note, comedian Michael Loftus nails the "global warming, climate change, climate disruption" charlatans (and their agenda)!
General Discussion / Re: Any Cable Cutters Here?
« Last post by johnqpublic on Today at 07:35:59 PM »
...Some time in 2015 Verizon is going to introduce an a la carte internet tv service....

It's about time! Alas, too late. 
General Discussion / Re: Loony Nancy Jumps On The Band Wagon
« Last post by LarryTheCableGuy on Today at 07:10:03 PM »
I don't see "civilization" in danger rather I see the progressive "culture" in danger which is a good thing
   And (in my opinion) that is aptly illustrated in Looney Nancy's incomprehensible statement. They can see it slipping away.
   Not to be outdone, "Plugs" Biden (in a speech to the Legal Services Corporation), drew protests from the Anti Defamation League after he described bankers as "Shylocks" (an insult to Jews). Of course, nobody told "Foot In His Mouth Joe" that the Dems will need the Jewish vote in 2014...........

                 "Pay no attention to the babbling idiot behind the podium, folks!"

"I believe in the fundamental transformation of America!"
   Ah yes, Marie Antoinette Obama ain't too popular in the south, these days! These states have decided to dump Da Mooch's "roots, twigs and berries" school lunch program, after sales are plummeting, and they are experiencing 80% waste (meaning Moochelle's federally mandated crap is going in the shit can).
General Discussion / Re: White houses new enemy!
« Last post by LarryTheCableGuy on Today at 06:10:52 PM »
   Holy shit, Tree! Have you read the EPA Rules on disposing of a broken CFC bulb? A perfect example of the Federal Government's idiocy!
   I have a huge supply of the more (family friendly) incandescent bulbs, and they (the EPA) can kiss my ass!
General Discussion / Re: Any Cable Cutters Here?
« Last post by dummer51 on Today at 06:00:02 PM »
3 years ago I dropped my TWC down to basic. It's 12.19/mo. You still get all the local channels in analog and digital.

I've had a Roku since they first came out. There are hundreds of channels to watch but not that many worth it for my interests. I view about 43 of them. I also subscribe to Netflix and Huluplus @ 7.99 each. So I have more than I want to watch when I want to watch it for 27.00/mo. I'm satisfied.

There is also a device out there that attaches to your cable box and it can connect to any of your devices or another tv even if you're in another city. It's perfectly legal. It's called a Slingbox.

Some time in 2015 Verizon is going to introduce an a la carte internet tv service. They announced that yesterday.
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