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General Discussion / Re: Pelosi caught stacking the Deck!
« Last post by johnqpublic on Today at 01:47:34 PM »
It's not that you write, CT, it's what you write. When you spew that racist rotgut or homophobe horseshit or any of that "you object because..." balderdash, it's nothing but leftist talking points nonsense. You've got nothing else. Your ideas don't stand up and can't pass the smell test, so demonizing the opposition is your go-to gambit. And the hypocrisy don't help much neither. I disagree with Nancy Pelosi, say, or Sandra Fluke and you call me a misogynist engaged in a war on women. But you pepper Sarah Palin with the foulest of invective that's not political but personal and you see yourself as patriotic. I say Barack Obama's policies are dangerous and you brand me a racist. But let Allen West, Herman Cain, Condi Rice or...or...or chime in and you call them everything but white and fancy yourself as doing God's work. No offense here, but your yellow pad preference must have presaged your becoming a yellow dog.
General Discussion / Re: Pelosi caught stacking the Deck!
« Last post by EvilJam on Today at 12:47:50 PM »
No, Q., I write becuz I was born to.
It is what I do.
Before there was an internet I wrote
on 11x14 yellow pads.
These forums just provide the platform.
And, as much as I like banging on a keyboard
I still prefer pen to yellow pad.
The words come easier.
General Discussion / Re: Sorry, Vanity. No, Obo is NOT Breaking
« Last post by catnap on Today at 12:20:26 PM »
I just read somewhere (sorry, no cite) that before ascending to his throne, Obo the Clown complained about a previous president trying to do exactly what he wants to do now...

That was true. It took place during a 2008 campaign appearance.  He also was the same President who slammed Bush for raising the debt limit.  At that time, Obama described raising the debt limit as un-American.
General Discussion / Re: Sorry, Vanity. No, Obo is NOT Breaking
« Last post by tree68 on Today at 11:11:23 AM »
I just read somewhere (sorry, no cite) that before ascending to his throne, Obo the Clown complained about a previous president trying to do exactly what he wants to do now...
Ya know, I get the quantity part of the Moochelle school lunch equation.  For a teen, those lunches are barely a snack.

But the crappy food they are putting out there is the fault of the local schools.

Back when I was in school, the cafeterias (which served real food) had real cooks.  The food was prepared fresh, on site, every day.  In high school, the go-to item was the yeast dinner rolls, bake fresh every day, and still warm enough to melt the butter when you picked it up in the lunch line.  In fact, we had a "a la carte" line where you could just get a roll, some milk, and whatever else struck your fancy. 

Today, those cooks have been replaced by "helpers" who stick "ribbies" in the oven and apparently put slices of cheese on cheeseburgers complete with the individual serving wrapper...

Many schools couldn't cook a complete meal if they wanted to - all they have is warmers and the like.

So yes, I blame Moochelle for unrealistic expectations, but I'll blame the local schools for lack of imagination...
General Discussion / Looking to start a Strobist Group in Jeff Co.
« Last post by geru on Today at 10:36:15 AM »
I'd like to start a Strobist  Group  If you're unfamiliar with the term follow the link. This site is no longer updated but the technical/how to is timeless. The equipment recommended has been upgraded so many of the recommendations are no longer  valid.

The group  would be open to all skill levels of Photographers. 

To begin all you'd need is a camera that has a hot shoe mount for an external flash.  Sony users with a non standard hot shoe would need  to purchase an adapter that goes from Sony to standard hot shoe (linked).

Subjects we'd likely cover:
•   Camera setup and operation in manual, TV, Av modes
•   Metering modes, exposure (difference between a proper exposure and a creative exposure)
•   Flash setup and basic operation
•   Light quality (hard, soft, diffused, dappled, flat)
•   Types of light modifiers (umbrellas, softbox, grids, etc)
•   Moving the flash off the camera how and why

The above are just a few of the areas we'd likely have to cover.

My idea is to use a mentoring system; if possible we'd pair up photographers with knowledge of using manual mode with those that have not yet moved from scene/P modes.
We'd meet once or twice a months and during the better weather we'd actually move to locations for shoots/meet-ups.

I have some equipment like wireless triggers, Softbox, umbrellas, meters, flashes, and diffusers/reflectors that we could initially use. Eventually those that wish to continue would have to buy some of their own equipment.  It's not expensive if you buy it a few pieces at a time.

Cost would be free unless we decide to hire models for shoots. That cost could be shared among the group.

Another thing I've been thinking about is an eventual outing to NYC and head to 2 of the largest and better known photography stores in the world, B&H and Adorama, with a little shooting time before we return..

All of this is open for discussion these are just my ideas. If you're interested leave a message let me know. If you know others that might be interested tell them about it.

I'm no longer a user of facebook (hacked and to much spam) so I can't post this to the Jeff Co photography club if you can then please do so.
General Discussion / Re: Sorry, Vanity. No, Obo is NOT Breaking
« Last post by catnap on Today at 10:10:20 AM »
I apologize for my earlier post.  I was Gruberized by believing the President when he stated ICE would focus resources on locating and deporting criminals.  Now we're learning what he said is not so true.  Now we find out that illegals convicted to drug running,  sex offensives, drunk driving and gun violations are not considered high priority for deportation.

I should have know better, given the President is truth challenged, as he has demonstrated time-after-time.  Shame on me.
General Discussion / Re: Once Again, the President Gets Played.
« Last post by catnap on Today at 09:53:10 AM »
To be of any actual value, a power source must be available whenever it is demanded.  In electrical generation, peak demand occurs on very hot, summer days when air conditioning demands are at a peak and during very cold days during the winter when heating demands peak.  Peak demand exceeds normal (base) demand by a significant amount.  If a generation is not available when the demand reaches a peak, it basically is useless, at least in terms of controlling cost.  A utility must have enough capacity available, either generated locally or imported from more distance plants.

Incidentally this importing and brokering of power required to meet peak demand was the business Enron was in.  We all know what happened there.  The architect of the Enron model was none other than progressive Paul Krugman - but I digress.

Even when someone claims they're disconnecting from the grid, they actually don't.  They remained connected for backup purposes.  A utility must have enough capacity to serve them whenever they loose generation capability - the wind doesn't blow at the right speed or the sun doesn't shine - and maintain transmission lines to the location.  Furthermore, utilities must buy surplus power from those sites at artificially inflated rates most often when the total demand is in the base range where the generation cost is at a minimum.  What this means is costs are just shifted to someone else.

While I'm not a great fan of utilities I do understand the challenges they face.  Much of the cost increases we're seeing are coming from the war on coal.  Power generation from a coal fired plant is about as cheap as it gets.  As these plants are closed and utilities are forced to replace or convert those facilities with gas fired plants cost go up rather significantly.  In addition, utilities are forced to subsidize the wind and solar industries by mandates requiring them to purchase power from them at inflated rates, needed or not.

In their current form, solar and wind exist only because of tax credits and by forcing utilities to purchase power from those facilities at very inflated rates.  If an efficient and cost effective means of storing energy were to become available, then the calculus would change.

Regarding fuel cells, the utopia that would allow each home or factory to be completely self-sufficient.  This has been talked about for at least half a century - hydrogen fuel cells and the like.  Hasn't happened yet. I believe it when it actually arrives, something I'm sure most of us will never see.

General Discussion / Re: Once Again, the President Gets Played.
« Last post by The Reaper on Today at 08:39:56 AM »
. But, when they propose building a new nuke plant, these "anti fossil fuel" greeniacs scream and howl bloody murder! "What about Three Mile Island, what about Chernobyl?

The issue with these claims is they are about nuclear plants that were built decades ago.  Suffice to say we have learned a lot since then.  Even the recent Japanese plant failure was a 40+ year old design.  When cars were first built they were large and clunky.  As time went along they became more streamlined and safer to drive.  The same with buildings. Today in Kalifornia where earthquakes are prevalent they design and build buildings that can withstand quakes.  We are light years ahead in nuclear power generation design than those old plants.  Rather than forcing wind and solar down everyone's throats the government should subsidize building new nuclear plants.  Remember - the issue has never been power generation per say rather it is in power transmission.  If we could find a away to transfer power long distances without degradation we would not need as many power plants. In the mean time nuclear power remains the most efficient and cheapest way to make electricity.   :o
General Discussion / Re: Pelosi caught stacking the Deck!
« Last post by johnqpublic on Today at 07:28:52 AM »
No, CT. You write it because it's fed to you to write in forums such as this. It's all the Left has because they have nothing else to offer to entice people like you to support people like them. Bereft of ideas to peddle in the market place, they flood the market with noxious nonsense. They have you deny the full heritage of a half white politician and label him black and deny the full heritage of a half Hispanic citizen and label him white all for agenda-driven, histrionics-fueled partisan political purposes that coarsen and corrupt the culture. That you "hear it every day" is only because you don't listen to anything but the party line palaver. Turgid talking points devoid of substance or truth. And about your "South that hasn't changed since 1855"? I'm thinking Senator Tim Scott, Governors Nikki Haley and Bobby Jindal and a host of elected representatives, officials, community and business leaders and many a Jamal Q Public man-on-the-street would tell a different story and wonder either what you're smoking, what century you're living in or what planet you're living on.
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