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General Discussion / Re: Watertown Municipal Arena
« Last post by bigbore45 on Today at 08:58:47 PM »

   Oh, I thought that is what The City of Watertown was for, To
   cater and Entertain Fort Drum for the Cities Economy.
     DPAO could hold there Concerts there.
General Discussion / Re: Watertown Municipal Arena
« Last post by Poodle Markham on Today at 08:38:59 PM »
Such things should never have become the purview of government, was my point
General Discussion / Re: Hillary Clinton Not A Shoo-In After All
« Last post by EvilJam on Today at 07:24:18 PM »
Another "scandal" with no legs.

The Bushies, Vaders, Rummies
all had them.
Don't question the way I provide
your freedom, just be thankful
that I do.  - Col. Jessup

... evil
General Discussion / Re: Watertown Municipal Arena
« Last post by EvilJam on Today at 07:12:24 PM »
oh, contrary, Poodle.

Many a Multi-$Million Stadium has
been purchased with Taxpayer $$.

The reason Jeff. Co. lags behind is
the thinking that if the $$ don't come
from some private citizen's deep pockets
then it's unworthy of even being mentioned.
After all, if it can't return profitable $$ to
private citizen's pockets what good is it?

... evil
General Discussion / Re: Cuomo.
« Last post by bigbore45 on Today at 06:36:54 PM »

  Cuomo's deal with Dunkirk power plant unlawfully costs National Grid ratepayers $20M per year, lawsuit claims

   SCRIBA, N.Y. - Owners of the struggling FitzPatrick nuclear plant are suing New York utility regulators over a deal announced last year by Gov. Andrew Cuomo that requires National Grid customers to subsidize a Western New York power plant.
  Payments of $20.4 million a year from National Grid ratepayers to help renovate and support the Dunkirk power plant near Buffalo are both "unlawful" and "discriminatory,'' according to a lawsuit filed Friday in federal court by Entergy Corp., the owner of FitzPatrick.
  Cuomo announced in December 2013 that NRG Energy, owner of the failing Dunkirk coal-fired power plant, would negotiate a deal with National Grid to renovate Dunkirk to run on natural gas. The deal was hailed by Western New York politicians as a "Christmas miracle'' that would preserve jobs and tax payments linked to the power plant.
  But Entergy's lawsuit cites analyses by National Grid that said repowering Dunkirk would be more costly and risky than upgrading transmission lines to compensate for Dunkirk's closure.
  Four months before Cuomo announced the plan to renovate Dunkirk, National Grid issued a report concluding that it "would cost National Grid customers three to seven times more per year than the transmission solutions,'' according to Entergy's court documents.
   The state Public Service Commission approved an agreement in June 2013 under which Upstate customers of National Grid will pay $20.4 million a year for 10 years to NRG Energy to subsidized Dunkirk. If Dunkirk's revenues from selling its power capacity exceed a certain threshold, the plant returns some money to the utility.
  Entergy argues that the subsidy to Dunkirk will artificially suppress power prices in Western New York, costing other power plants an estimated $841 million. "In the long term, some generators may be forced to leave the market,'' Entergy stated in its complaint.
  Entergy also has opposed a request for subsidy payments by the owners of Ginna nuclear power plant near Rochester. The PSC recently ordered Rochester Gas & Electric to negotiate payments designed to keep the struggling nuclear plant in operation. The commission has not yet ruled on the proposed agreement.
  James Denn, speaking for the PSC, today said the commissioners had not yet been served with the lawsuit. But he said the commission makes decisions in the public interest, whereas Entergy filed its lawsuit to protect its own interest.
  "It is important to note the PSC's concern is to make sure the utility's action are in the best interest of New York consumers to provide reliable and cost-effective service,'' he said in an email. "Entergy's concern is to focus on the potential reduction of its profits.''
  Entergy officials in September 2013 called the FitzPatrick nuclear plant a "challenged facility.'' The company said FitzPatrick faces financial pressures because regional power prices are depressed by low-cost natural gas and because transmission constraints prevent the facility from selling power in higher priced markets.

General Discussion / Re: Watertown Municipal Arena
« Last post by Poodle Markham on Today at 05:44:52 PM »
"As for me, I'll work as Marketing honcho
for Min. Wage, as it's all I'm able to work
for these days anyway.
Give me a 'puter and phone and I'll have
the place booked 200 events /yr.
Can run the RDRS out of there, too.
WWE, Country, Rock, Cars, Guns, Boats...

Even if Evil could do it (which I doubt) those 200 events /yr. would just be coming here from an existing venue i.e. there are not 200  new events to be had.  IOW, Watertown's gain is some other communities lose.

"A new multi-purpose arena behind the Fairgrounds Pool. However, the City of Watertown has always been afraid to "spend a buck to make a buck." But with some foresight and intelligent marketing, a new arena (in conjunction with the refurbished existing one) could be a money maker!"

Larry, what no one on this thread seems to graps is:  It is not governments place
to provide for our entertainment.  If a new multi-purpose arena indeed could be a money-maker, then someone should put it up as a private enterprise.  Until then, end of discussion, IMO...
General Discussion / Re: Watertown Municipal Arena
« Last post by bigbore45 on Today at 05:34:47 PM »
 Watertown/Fort Drum Is THE CITY OF THE FUTURE!! an Economic Dynamo. Spend
 it or loose it! ;) Fort Drum will never Down Size or leave.

  Oh Blessed Day!
General Discussion / Re: Why I vote Democrat.
« Last post by bigbore45 on Today at 05:31:47 PM »
1.  I vote Democrat becuz the Librul Party can't win.
2.  I vote Dems becuz the KochBros want the 47% dead,
and the -ahem- "Middle Class" working for d!ck.
3.  I vote Dems becuz Wall Street wants my S.S. "Entitlement" check.
4.  I vote Dems to keep Repubs and Birchers out of the Oval Office,
to keep them from dismantling what's left of FDR /LBJ New Deal,
and from placing even bigger asshats than Scalia on The Court.
5.  I vote Dems to keep NeoCons paws off the M.E.
6.  I vote Dems to protect what's left of Roe v. Wade.
7.  I vote Dems becuz the alternative amounts to suicide.

... evil

General Discussion / Re: BANK ROBBERY!!!!!!!
« Last post by tree68 on Today at 05:08:36 PM »
Body Armor was also a dead give away.
   Maybe the bank should hire Dirty Harry to work the counter!  ;) :D    A .44 Mag to the chest would probably cause fatal trauma, even with body armor!
If you've ever seen the video from that shoot-out - those guys were wearing anything but standard body armor. 
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